Demo '13

by Crude Dudes

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Recorded at the Earth Capital recording studio 1/13.

Cover art by Edwin Ortega:

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released January 19, 2013



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Crude Dudes Rosemead, California

A four-piece "some sort of punk" band from the San Gabriel Valley, CA.
Crude Dudes formed in 2010.

Daryld - vocals
Millie Kentner - drums
DonTrashy - guitar
Omar Lo - bass

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Track Name: Intro
big valleys dead
big valleys done

fuck you
Track Name: False Pride
a stressed out message
no need to be said
to speak about a life
in "positivity"
irrelevant proof
of things we people know
declaring a war
with kids who've just said...

To all the kids
who couldn't be
with no need to bash on those
who only disagree
you twist our shit
making the enemy
so please detach from me

from a simple choice
to a group of hate
DT, and "No Reason" too
got that shit
that'll make you love the things we do

in this sick world I'm left alone
this "movement" fights against my own
illusions made but now I see
your words don't mean a thing to me
Track Name: She's all Yours!
I pass

you're no trick
I can see through your soul
you're an infected filthy liar
and heart breakings your goal
your kind just makes me sick
I don't waste my time with scum so

I pass

not worth time in general
deserve all this hate
you need to grow the fuck up
need to get your shit straight
i need a fucking woman, and your just a kid

I pass

eat shit
Track Name: Quit Shoving
I'm fucking trapped

left unsatisfied
with my "precious" time
times running out
still feel left behind
haven't hit "ground zero"
point of no return
I need to bust out
or my youth's gonna burn
my life is almost over
their life is almost here
too much I haven't hit
too late to begin
I need to look forward
I need to fucking act
held limits in myself
so how and where do I start!?


I'm fucking stuck

so bail me out

Before I know,
I'll be fucking dead.
Track Name: Steady
you look so cool to me
you look like a fucking creep
you're such a waste of fucking time
can't play me for a fool
our focus ain't on you
we don't care
here you fall
you're on the ground
we stand tall

don't you dare try to prove us wrong
you'll waste your breath, we're too strong
don't you even try to call us "weak"
we're on our feet, you're on the ground

perfectly on our feet